Working as a fashion editor for a week

For years I though the life of a fashion editor is one of the most glamorous jobs. Going to cocktail parties with celebrities, getting free clothes, front row seats at fashion shows and getting to work with famous models. Believe me it is nothing like the Devil Wears Prada.

I had the opportunity to attend the Sarie fashion editors workshop in Cape Town, South Africa. The workshop was hosted by respected fashion editor, Amaria Carstens, who’s been in the industry for more than 10 years. We had the opportunity to hear all her stories and learn all the tricks of the trade. And let me tell you… It is hard work and long hours. We learned about how they cast models, tape shoes in order not to ruin them, steam a dress, create mood boards, style a look, what goes into location scouting and what makes a perfect cover page.

We then had the opportunity to design our own mood board, decide on a look and model.

I decided for my look to go for something classy, feminine yet sexy and daring. Watching the make up artist, photographer, hairdresser and model work is like watching a well oiled machine. They know exactly what work what doesn’t and how it all contributes to the end product. I stood there with my mouth open just staring.

Sarie really spoiled us. The entire time they made sure we were fed with some of the most amazing food and sweet treats, coffee and anything else you could think of.

A big thank you to Amaria and the entire Sarie team. I cannot wait to visit again!

Let me know in the comments if you would like to see the final image and look I created.

Fashion Social Events

All dressed up

If you know me you know I will find any excuse to get dressed up. I love wearing heels and doing my hair and makeup. And nothing looks better than a man in a tuxedo, am I right…. I know typical girl. So when I got invited to a black tie event I absolutely jumped at the opportunity. I spent weeks pinning different dresses to my Pinterest board and looking for the perfect pair of shoes. My poor boyfriend had to endure several shopping trips to make sure I have the right shoes, accessories and lipstick.

I saw this lovely pair of black heels and fell in love instantly. Usually after 20 minutes of wearing heels my feet start to kill me, but these heels were so comfortable I didn’t even break them in.

I cannot wear costume jewelry. I feel like my body starts to reject it and I end up with a horrible red rash and Lovisa proved the answer. Their Stirling Silver jewelry line is super affordable and absolutely stunning.

I don’t often wear big and chunky earrings, but felt that the occasion called for it and I think it pulled the entire look together.

For my eyes and hair I kept it simple. A smokey eye with a slight wing was achieved using only Inglot makeup. One of their consultants did my makeup for the night and it looked absoletly amazing. I was so impressed with this brand. Not only is it cruelty free but also affordable considering it is higher end.

My dress looked amazing and was exactly what I wanted. I felt daring yet classy and sophisticated. A local designer made it and it fits like a dream. I absolutely can’t wait for the next black tie event.

 It was such a lovely event and I felt absolutely empowered and fabulous in my dress. With lovely friends and a handsome boyfriend what more can a girl ask for.