Friendly Stranger Review

As a little girl my dad and I use to go out for breakfast every Sunday. It would be our time during the week where we get to catch up, relax and try a new coffee shop. As I grew up, nothing changed. We still love to try new coffee shops and then rate their coffee, service and breakfast. This weekend we went to the Friendly Stranger in Port Elizabeth,South Africa.¬†Although everything on the menu sounded delicious we ended up with the same order. We tried ‘The Royal’ which is poached eggs on an English muffin with salmon and hollandaise sauce. On the side was some lovely cherry tomatoes and balsamic reduction. The owner convinced us to try their special chutney and oh my goodness… it was probably the best chutney we have ever tried. The only downside was they had no English muffin and served it on ciabatta. I’m not a big ciabatta fan, sometimes it can be a bit hard and dry, but I didn’t mind it at all this time.

At the end of the day Friendly Stranger scored a 4/5. Coffee was flavorful and strong, breakfast was delicious (even if they did not have the English Muffin) and service was good.