Why i am not celebrating valentines day today

Monday morning the hot topic on campus was Valentines Day plans. I avoided it until the question was directed at me. Shocked faces stared back at me when I told them that I am not doing anything. I probably won’t even see my boyfriend because of work and deadlines. ┬áSo the entire day I had this burning question…Why do we spend so much money going to over crowded restaurants, buying heart shaped chocolates and cards? Shouldn’t we treat everyday like Valentines Day? Or am I just sinister?

On February the 14th we celebrate the legacy of Saint Valentine of Rome. Saint Valentine was a second century priest who was imprisoned for performing wedding ceremonies on soldiers who were forbidden to marry and serving Christians. Legends says that during his imprisonment, Saint Valentine healed the jailers’s daughter and before he was executed wrote her a letter. The letter was signed “Your Valentine”. The celebrations of Saint Valentine did not have any romantic connotations until poetry about “Valentine” in the 14th century.

So the actual story of Valentines day has very little to do with flowers, heart shaped candy, cupid inspired cards and white doves. For me it has everything to do with sacrificial love. It is easy to confess your love when you are handed a dozen red roses or taken to the fanciest restaurant in town. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying YOU shouldn’t celebrate Valentines Day or going on romantic dates isn’t fun. All I’m saying is,do not have to feel pressured to go out of Valentines Day, sit in a crowded restaurant and spent a fortune on chocolates and flowers. It’s about the little things. The person who comforts you when you’re sad, the person who makes you smile when you had a rough day, the person who supports you.

Do you celebrate Valentines Day? What do you celebrate on Valentines Day?